Dallas Downs FAQs

  • Our primary point of contact at Metropolitan is Tiffany Hensley
  • Tiffany can be reached at 615 915 3204 or by email at tiffany@mpmnashville.com.
  • Please use the following e-mail for pavilion or court reservations. dallasdownshoa@gmail.com.
  • The Dallas Downs HOA is an independent entity whose board may contract with any suitable management company for support services. In the early years of the subdivision, the HOA managed itself.
  • The HOA is currently managed by Metropolitan Management Company.
  • Annual dues are currently $367.00 per household and will increase $17.00 per year until 2033.
  • Dues are billed in the month of February and mailed and/or emailed to each homeowner.
  • Payments may be mailed, dropped off in Nashville at the Metropolitan Properties office, or paid online via creadit card or ACH.
  • Failure to pay dues by March 15 may result in the imposition of a late fee.
  • HOA dues must be paid in full in order to purchase a pool key.
  • HOA dues cover all landscaping and maintenance of common areas including entrance to Dallas Downs, common green spaces and trees, playground, pool, tennis/pickleball court, and pavilion.
  • HOA dues also contribute to community events.
  • In addition, HOA dues allow us to keep a reserve fund for planned and unforeseen expenses.
  • They do not cover any new capital improvements like additional street lights, new courts or play spaces, a community center, or significant landscaping or garden projects.
  • The pool is one of the perks of living in Dallas Downs and is supported by a membership fee of $150 per year for each address wishing to use the pool.
  • Each household that desires pool access will receive a key upon membership payment.
  • Pool keys are sold at the pool, near the opening date and if a household wishing to uses the pool is not in town on the designated sales date for pool keys, they may reach out to dallasdownshoa@gmail.com to arrange pick up or drop off.
  • Our pool is maintained by a saltwater chlorination and filtration system as is the adjacent shallow pool which is suitable for children under five
  • The pool is normally open during daylight hours from May through September.
  • The pool house has men’s and women’s restrooms.
  • The pool does not have a lifeguard on duty.
  • There is a phone and free internet access near the pool.
  • Members should familiarize themselves with the guidelines and ensure the gate is ALWAYS kept closed/locked and any items brought to the pool (food and beverages, pool toys, etc. are not left behind. Absolutely NO GLASS.
  • A key to the tennis/pickleball court behind the pool is available free of charge by emailing dallasdownshoa@gmail.com.
  • Count reservations can be made at this link.
  • Reserved use of the pavilion - which includes several picnic tables, water, power, and lights, is available only to homeowners and their guests who have fully paid dues. Reservations are free of charge - to assure the reservation of a time period for an event at the pavilion, please e-mail dallasdownshoa@gmail.com at least one week in advance.
  • Pavilion users are requested to clean up the area prior to leaving, remove the trash bag if used, and place a new bag in the container
  • We encourage regular use of the following amenities for Dallas Downs families, their families, and guests free of charge:
    • the basketball court behind the pavilion
    • the playground next to the pavilion
    • the dog waste stations available on the south side of Dallas Boulevard in front of the pavilion and on the north side of Dallas Boulevard between the upper and lower intersections with Cavalry Drive
    • the Little Free Library near the playground and the pavilion
  • Each year we host several community-wide events that may include: 
    • Movies at the pavilion
    • A Spring Fling with Easter Egg Hunt, crafts, and a visit from a special bunny
    • Weekly food trucks in the summer
    • A 4th of July celebration
    • A Fall Festival
    • A visit from Santa
  • In addition, there are unlimited opportunities to join or create, new community clubs and experiences such as:
    • Book Clubs 
    • Walking/Running groups
    • BUNCO and other Game Nights
    • Musical groups
    • Playgroups with young children
    • Neighborhood beautification projects

We have an active Facebook group for our community. Residents may request access by supplying their address for validation at this link.

Dallas Downs is serviced by the Award-Winning Williamson County School District. Williamson County students continue to earn achievement scores that rank among the highest in the State of Tennessee. Williamson County Schools’ information can be found on Comcast Channel 3 and Charter 96 and at the William County Schools website. Schools are listed below:

Winstead Elementary School
4080 Columbia Pike
Franklin, TN, 37064

Legacy Middle School
2380 Henpeck Ln.
Franklin, TN, 37064

Centennial High School
5050 Mallory Lane
Franklin, TN, 37067

In addition, many families opt for private schools in the area or homeschooling.

  • One of the best things about Dallas Downs is its accessibility to so many wonderful places, attractions, and events. 
  • Historic Downtown Franklin is less than a 10-minute drive and offers wonderful restaurants, antique shops, boutiques, historical sites, and many events put on by the Heritage Foundation of Williamson County all year round. The Visitor’s Center is a wonderful resource for residents and tourists alike. 
  • The town not only has a quaint historic district and excellent proximity to Hwy 65, but it also has convenient businesses like Target, Michael's, Best Buy, Home Depot, Lowes, Trader Joe's, the Cool Springs Mall, and a Publix or Kroger every few miles. Convenient access to everything you need is an embedded part of Dallas Downs.
  • And, Nashville and the airport are all within 30 minutes!
  • Construction of yard structures such as storage buildings, hot tubs/Jacuzzis, permanent play structures, etc. requires Design Committee approval to make sure there is not impact on adjacent neighbors or the integrity of the neighborhood.
  • No fences may be constructed in front of the front line of the home in order to maintain plenty of front-of-house green space.
  • Trash and recycle receptacles must be stored in a location not visible from the street or by neighbors except when put out for collection.
  • Design standards and review process by the Design Committee are explained in Article XI of the Dallas Downs Covenants 
  • Most exterior changes, including but not limited to fences, tree removal, construction of decks/screened porches/sunrooms, and exterior home painting require submission of an architectural review (ARC) form that describes the proposed work to the HOA Design Committee. Approval is required prior to beginning the work
  • This is the process:
    • If you are replacing or repairing something that already exists like shutters, your roof, the paint on your siding, a mailbox, etc. No action is needed unless you’ll have a dumpster in front of your house for an extended period - please put in a request for that.
      For anything else that is a major change to the physical appearance of your property, please follow the steps below and note that the old term DC (Design Committee) as been replaced by ARC (Architectural Review Committee.)
      -Log in to the Metropolitan homeowner’s portal - you’ll find the link at the top of the HOA docs page on dallasdowns.org
      -Go to your dashboard on the top left
      -Scroll down to “Submit a New Request”
      -Choose “ARC” request
      -From the “Area of Work” drop down menu choose the type and describe request. You can also upload a photo/photos and/or drawings.
  • The City of Franklin is responsible for collection of trash, some recyclable materials, yard waste, and bulky items upon special request.
  • Detailed information on trash disposal is available online at this website or by calling 615-794-1516.
  • Wednesday is the normal trash/recycle collection day; the holiday schedule is published on the www.franklintn.gov Website and a sign is also posted at the subdivision entrance to alert homeowners of changes in pickup day
  • Homeowners are requested to put out trash/recycle bins on the evening of the day prior to collection day and remove the bins prior to 8 p.m. of collection day.
  • Glass and green waste are not collected in city-provided receptacles in Franklin. At certain times of year, leaves left in piles by the curbside will be collected.
  • Glass, metal, and several other types of recycling or refuse may be disposed of at a Convenience Center such as these: Thompson Station - 1525 Thompson's Station Rd W (# 615-790-9642)or Leiper's Fork/Hillsboro -  5406 Pinewood Rd (# 615790-9556).
  • Bulky items such as furniture and appliances are picked up on Tuesdays and require advance notification by calling the above phone number.
  • Batteries, oil, paint, antifreeze and electronic waste may be dropped off at 417 Century Court (off of Columbia Avenue); more details on the above Website.
  • Williamson County offers free paper shredding at the Material Recovery Facility, 420 Century Court (off of Columbia Avenue).
  • We are so fortunate to live in an established community with beautiful, mature trees. Therefore removal of trees of greater than 4” in diameter requires Design Committee approval; this approval is also required by city ordinance. 
  • This link provides helpful information.
  • To request approval from the design committee follow these steps:
    • Log in to the Metropolitan homeowner’s portal - you’ll find the link at the top of the HOA docs page on dallasdowns.org
    • Go to your dashboard on the top left
    • Scroll down to “Submit a New Request”
    • Choose “ARC” request
    • From the “Area of Work” drop down menu choose "Trees"
    • NOTE:You can also upload a photo/photos and/or drawings.
  • Purchasing homes for rental/investment income is prohibited. Homeowners may rent their properties after having lived in the home for one year and once the home has been lived in by the owners for one year, it may be rented or leased. However, the total rental time may not exceed three years total over the homeowner’s time of occupancy.